RitmodiVita by Mastrogiovanni
italian emotions to wear

The RitmodiVita by Mastrogiovanni Collection offers a range of accessories including bags, scarves and headscarves, all designed by Ornella Mastrogiovanni, a venetian illustrator and designer who, after painting the pictures decided to use them as emotional textures for her products.

These pictures of the Collection are taken from among those in the book of the same name, a collection of pictures and words that express the emotions of dance and with exquisite balance, stimulate our aesthetic sense to lead us to beauty, nature and life.

RitmodiVita by Mastrogiovanni is a collection of products for anyone who wants to wear art and dance.

RitmodiVita by Mastrogiovanni is an exclusive collection of unique craft products that have been designed and made entirely in Italy, also respecting the environment because only natural materials are used, including cotton, silk, leather, hide, which are combined into fascinating items to surprise, seduce and make any woman feel special.

RitmodiVita by Mastrogiovanni is a Partner idea